Panda Global Amplifies Esports Fan Engagement Through Digital Media Co-Creation

Panda Global strengthened the bonds between talent and fans and amplified esports fan engagement with an innovative content co-creation strategy.

Panda Global talent and esports fan engagement.

Premier esports property Panda Global has built one of the most engaged grassroots fan communities around solo player games. 

As digital entertainment options continue to multiply, the Panda team created a new strategy for fan engagement that involved fans directly with digital media co-creation. The team knew activating its global talent roster and fans to create authentic digital media for social platforms would strengthen the bonds between these groups. So they stepped up their original content creation program. And it almost immediately boosted fan engagement in their esports athletes. It also highlighted the magnetic personalities of their players and provide more ways to integrate sponsors. 

To do this, the Panda Global team needed to improve the efficiency of receiving and editing fan content. They wanted to find a way to automate how they received original content from talent and fans. And wanted to improve communications with their fans, as well. To achieve their content program goals, they also needed to find a way to collect and route digital media quickly for social sharing.

Greenfly’s digital media flow and fan-generated content solutions enabled Panda to streamline its content program operations and boost esports fan engagement.

Panda Global white logo on black background. Athlete co-creation

1.1k+ Fan clips collected

By the numbers:

  • 20+ Players sharing media*
  • +600 Fans creating media*
  • +1MM YouTube views for 8 videos and counting

Panda has been using easy-to-create branded UGC campaign pages through Greenfly +Engage. The team has regularly collected hundreds of high-quality video files from fans on Twitter. They show off their best plays in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

These fan clips have been featured across Panda’s social media channels. These include a successful series of YouTube channel videos in which players critique and react to the clips submitted. Greenfly has helped simplify and professionalize player requests for this original content and for promoting new merchandise drops and sponsored elements.

“Our digital content strategy has benefited immensely from the tools available to us on Greenfly. We’ve been able to collect and distribute a mountain of clips from fans to keep them connected to Panda talent.”

Josh Marcotte, Director of Logistics and Talent Manager, Panda Global

With this success, Panda plans to continue focusing on innovation and growing its robust content program. This will serve the organization well as individual creators and fan collaborations become even more central to the esports fan engagement experience.

Sources: Panda Global; *Greenfly

Photo: Courtesy of Panda Global

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