World Surf League Activates Global Athlete Community To Scale Content Distribution

World Surf League mobilized its global athlete community to scale content distribution around live events and expand its brand.

World Surf League (WSL), the global home of surfing, ranks only behind the NBA and NFL for American sports leagues in social interactions. The league has been able to achieve this scale and grow its brand thanks to mobilizing an active surfer community. With Greenfly, WSL surfers around the world now receive and share real-time content at live competitions and events before they leave the water.

WSL used Greenfly +Connect for a real-time connection to the league’s photo management platform, Webdam, and its AI-powered video highlight tool, WSC Sports, which delivers video highlights in real time.

World Surf League

Gained 9.1+ million social engagements

WSL’s social team set out to scale their content and get it quickly in pro surfers’ hands for social engagement.

1st Season by the numbers:

  • 72 athletes
  • 3.4k+ assets downloaded
  • 800+ social media posts

We actually have WSC and Greenfly talking to each other directly, which has been a game-changer for us because before we would have to manually do this process. Our athletes can now receive content in their Greenfly inbox before they even leave the water — that’s how fast we’ve become.

– Tim Greenberg, EVP Production and Branded Content, World Surf League
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