Greenfly for Political Campaigns

Trust in political ads has diminished. Voters now rely on the recommendations and endorsements of people they know and trust. Go directly to the source: empower your biggest supporters and most popular influencers to spread your message authentically and personally to people that listen to them.

Easily and simply distribute the right message to every:

  • Surrogate
  • Staffer
  • Advocate
  • Voulnteer
  • Supporter
  • Donor

Help your candidate or cause break through the noise: harness the power of your on-the-ground surrogates and staffers to create intimate video messages that resonate with their personal communities.

A 3D rendering of the guide titled: 20 Ways to Increase Voter Engagement on Social Media
Want to increase voter engagement? This free guide includes 20 proven ideas for campaigns to maximize organic reach and engagement on social.

Capture video clips from live events Tap advocates from across the country to film and upload video from rallies, conduct on-the-street interviews, capture podium sound bites, discuss local issues, and more.

Have your most influential voices tell your story Remotely direct your volunteer and staff advocates to create, submit and share their first-person videos and use minutes later in campaign promotions.

Engage with a larger network of voters, donors, and supporters Tap into your advocates’ social networks to share on-message social posts with them to share with their friends and followers. Their personal endorsement will encourage more to take action.

A 3D rendering of the guide titled: 30 Ways to Bring the Live Game Experience to Fans at Home
Download the Greenfly for Campaigns datasheet

Boost social engagement by 50% or more—without social ads Increase trust, measure performance, and distribute far-reaching organic messages targeted at specific communities without using social ads.

Drive longer-lasting candidate conversations Provide more timely, impactful and authentic reports on social reach and engagement along the campaign trail.

Communicate more efficiently with distributed field teams on the go Greenfly’s team will get dozens or hundreds of advocates up and running quickly to maximize impact. Your campaign team and social agency can coordinate activity together, privately message advocate groups, and collaborate easily with supporters in the field.

The 2016 election was won with the help of social advertising. 2020 is the year of digital social endorsement.

With Greenfly, campaigns can provide their supporters and advocates with a continuous supply of on-message media, and connect organically and authentically with a wider audience.


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