Greenfly for Sports

Social media is now where fans experience and share unforgettable moments in sports.

Greenfly's social media software for sports marketing ensures they stay connected to their favorite league, teams and athletes and always feel like they're part of the action.

Speed content routing for social media to  increase fan reach and engagement:
  • Capture
  • Distribute
  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
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No Fans in Seats? This free guide includes 30+ proven ideas for using digital channels to create a better at-home event experience.


Collect Content From Advocates & Athletes

One central media hub to request, collect, manage amd distribute content from any source - digital asset management systems, cloud storage, and media created by your advocates: athletes, staff photographers, live content correspondents, sponsors, and fans

Capture Content From:

Accelerate asset delivery from cameras to social media with real-time, automated media distribution to increase fan engagement on social media during and after live sports events


Request, remotely direct, and source original, authentic videos and photos from athletes and players—capture intimate moments of their life on and off the field— to build your brand, and theirs.


Collect user-generated content from your fans and capture their excitement and give a unique, visual event perspective to other fans everywhere

A photograph of four Major League Baseball players smiling in a dugout during the Japanese All-Star baseball series
250k assets powered by Greenfly per season

Last season, Greenfly helped Major League Baseball and the 30 Clubs route nearly 1,200 pieces of daily, original content that was collected from every ballpark. Through the Greenfly platform, MLB’s Live Content Creators have been able to distribute thousands of media assets directly to team and league social media editors for near real-time publishing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, ultimately giving fans the unique perspectives of the game and its players they cherish and share.


Organize, Search & Share

With Greenfly, you can easily manage created content coming in, and shared content going out

Ways to Coordinate Content:
Organize Assets with Galleries

Create a collection of photo and videos, update the content in real-time, distribute it promptly and measure the results

Integrate with Other Content Hubs

Increase your speed to social by connecting your DAM system with Greenfly to deliver or retrieve photo and video assets

Enrich Content with Metadata

Add notes to content to find what you need right when you need it

a composition of 4 photographs in a 2x2 grid, and social media icons scattered around

“We use Greenfly to capture a wide-spectrum of content and give MiLB the ability to produce grassroots social content for league accounts in dozens of ballparks simultaneously.”

- Kurt Hunzeker, Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Research, Minor League Baseball


Strengthen Your Most Important Relationships

Collaborative Tools Enable You to:
Get Content

Receive fresh content by requesting photos and videos in a particular format and length by a specified day or time, with automatic reminders

Share Content

Ask your community to share photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter; suggest captions and hashtags for immediate posting

Message Your Community

Communicate immediately and in context to enhance collaboration around a game, memorable moment or important topic

2k+ Assets Created
5k+ Messages Sent

"In the most engaging Asian Football Championship in history, we broke all digital & social media records within the first week of the UAE 2019 edition. The scale of this campaign would not have been possible without Greenfly."

- Jason Maidwell, Head of Digital, AFC Asian Cup


Give Your Fans Authentic, Real-Time Content

Greenfly makes sure that content is routed through your community to reach its most effective distribution channel in a timely manner

Connect With Your Audience:

Deliver the best photos and videos to the most relevant social accounts; expand reach within your fan base and all those within your community


Build your brand with hard-to-capture content that fans crave—from live moments to candid, behind-the-scenes interludes


Gain key insights by seeing how content is shared, where it is shared and most importantly, how it performs

In its first year working with Greenfly, World Surf League saw nearly 1 million engagements on content shared to social by its surfer community—all powered through Greenfly.

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