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AI Photo & Video Recognition

The most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in sports identifies players, teams, sponsors and scenes in seconds

Greenfly’s +AI Vision is a game-changer for short-form content organization. It automatically tags and curates photos and videos based on content. Digital assets are delivered to teams, partners, players, broadcasters and staff in seconds – all without you lifting a finger.

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See What AI Can Do for Your Organization

On game day, it’s all about providing digital media access ASAP. +AI Vision easily handles huge volumes of media in real time and automatically from end-to-end.

  • Recognize subjects in photos and videos
  • Identify athletes, teams, sponsors and scenes
  • Increase speed and personalization of content

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+AI Vision

Trusted by Over 40 Leagues
and 500 Teams

As the leader in short-form digital content delivery, Greenfly automates the collection, organization and distribution of assets for sports organizations around the globe.

Curious About AI? Lean Into the Future With Us

AI is here to stay. And we are paving the way for sports organizations to leverage the most advanced AI in sports to grow their fandom and revenue.

Learn how +AI Vision automatically curates media by more than just facial recognition. Think arrivals, slam dunks, fans, tip-offs and more.