Automate the Flow of Digital Media

Greenfly empowers sports & entertainment organizations to automate the collection, organization and distribution of short-form digital media. The Greenfly platform helps digital teams of all sizes to unleash the power of photos & videos to drive fan engagement, increase social media reach and attract younger audiences.

Sharing short-form digital media can boost revenue revenue from corporate sponsors as well as broadcast partners.

Influencers can share videos with brands
The NHL uses Greenfly to capture game day content
Greenfly's mobile app
capture short-form digital media from sports events
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Automated Digital Media Distribution

The Greenfly digital media software platform is a cloud-based short-form media orchestration hub. It’s a private collaboration network that enables organizations to capture original short-form content from live events, athletes, talent, creators and fans, and share media galleries in real time with groups, departments, and external partners.

Greenfly empowers teams to collect mountains of digital content from just about any source (especially live events) or system. Its automated, AI-powered workflow organizes digital assets automatically to sharable galleries for immediate distribution.

  • Increase media rights and sponsorship revenue with original all-access content — perfect for sharing on social.
  • Distribute pre-created social posts that app users can easily personalize and share on their social accounts.
  • Measure social media reach, engagement and impact on all shared content.
  • Mobile app users can easily post content on 10+ social networks, right from their phones.

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Attract and Retain Younger Audiences

Authentic, original videos and photos are 50% to 900% more engaging when compared to slick, agency-produced content typically used for brand promotions.

  • Original, first-hand, recent content is now an expectation by Gen-Z and younger audiences.
  • Greenfly empowers your team to capture and collect original, specific media from your talent and UGC from fans.
  • All collected content includes the full royalty-free transfer of media rights for you to use, edit and distribute
Athletes create original content
Chris Sloane, G2 eSports
Looking at where we were a year ago versus where we are now with Greenfly, it’s like moving from the Stone Age into the Digital Age.

Chris Sloane, Head of Social and Programming

G2 Esports

Turn Athletes Into Promoters

Your athletes and players are the human face of your organization, especially on digital channels. Greenfly helps you enable them as influencers to tell your organization’s story in their own voice, and with their trusted personal endorsement.

  • Expand organic reach (by 2,000% or more!).
  • Increase consumer engagement (5x or more!).
  • Improve brand trust: more authentic content, endorsed by real people.
  • Activate and manage the activities of 12 or 1,200 advocates.

Build Brand Value and Increase Revenue

Distributing photos and videos to your army of advocates enables them to recommend, promote and advertise on your behalf. They’re spreading brand love for your organization.

  • Attract more new customers & fans — for free.
  • Expand reach, engagement and build trust.
  • Increase sponsorship revenue and online sales.
  • Make your brand more personal, unlike ‘official’ social media channels.

In The News

Greenfly caters to the current fashion in online persuasion: ads are nice, but getting influencers to share your message is much, much better.

Stephanie Levitz

Toronto Star

Dodgers players have the Greenfly app on their phones, enabling them to instantly browse and find images and videos, and post them directly onto social media.

LA Times

Bill Shaikin

Los Angles Times

At the base of the [campaign’s] broad-scale influencer effort was Greenfly, an app managed by the campaign with a library of approved social assets, which influencers, surrogates, and everyday people (“brand ambassadors”) could easily upload to their social handles and share.

Allison Stern


After helping to establish Real Madrid Femenino’s brand, interactions with the team have tripled thanks to Greenfly.

Henry Flynn


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Increase social media reach by 2,000% or more by activating your advocates to spread brand love to their audiences.

Cover image courtesy of the San Jose Sharks.