Media Collection

Media Collection and Aggregation

Collecting original digital media is a huge challenge.

Building an original and authentic digital media inventory is no small task, no matter what your industry.

The Greenfly platform makes it easy – there are many diverse ways to gather, collect, aggregate or create the digital content you need.

Direct Upload

Administrators and contributors can easily upload media assets directly into Greenfly through the admin web app at any time.

Bulk Media Upload

Photographers, videographers or anyone with the Greenfly mobile app can capture, tag and upload media in bulk while on location.

Cloud File Storage Collection

Photogs, staff and freelancers can drop media onto FTP servers or cloud storage systems like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. New media is automatically imported when detected through Greenfly +Connect.

Media Source Integrations

For content stored in third-party systems, digital asset management systems or licensed media sources like Getty Images, new media is aggregated and imported automatically through Greenfly +Connect.

Remote Media Creation by Advocates

Advocates can create media right on their mobile device with a guided media brief. Remotely direct them with specific instructions and a script. They can also upload directly from their camera roll anytime.

Crowdsourced User Generated Content

Original UGC, including creator, fan and customer-created media can be requested and collected through a mobile-friendly web page — or through your custom mobile app with Greenfly +Engage.