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Drive Tune-In With Short-Form Content

Audiences and fans follow talent more than the shows or networks they represent. Media companies, TV and sports networks use Greenfly’s digital media distribution platform to deliver short-form content to their biggest social influencers. Short-form is news, promotion and entertainment all in the same small package. Empower your hosts, actors and talent to promote the next episode or show and drive tune-in to the next event while they build a passionate fanbase as the face of your organization.

Share digital assets with TV talent
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100% of BET’s Boomerang cast use Greenfly.

Talent Social Program

Harness the brand-building endorsement of your most powerful influencers to drive audience engagement and loyalty. Use Greenfly to promote launch events: new premieres, series and episodes. Ensure talent knows when they can help and have access to high-quality content featuring them. Collect their authentic personal videos and snaps for brand channel publishing.

  • Ensure promotional content is always available for talent when they want it.
  • Give talent a simple way to develop their individual brand and fan connections.
  • Drive tune-in and engagement through the people audiences want to hear from the most.

BET: Talent Social Program

Sports Broadcaster Program

Help your sports broadcasters build their personal brands on social media to generate more audience engagement on- and off-air. Give them access to the latest matchday photos, clips, promotions and trailers in real time, to ensure they’re providing their digital audience with timely news and a preview of what’s to come during their show.

  • Confirm talent has up-to-the-minute promotional content when they want it.
  • Give broadcast talent an easy way to build their individual brand and audience followings.
  • Drive tune-in and engagement through your most prominent on-air personalities.

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Audience Engagement Campaigns

Activate viewers and fans to create and submit photos and videos for your social or other digital channels. Greenfly enables you to integrate a branded microsite into your website or mobile app to provide instructions and collect media that you can easily organize and review. Easily pull together dozens or thousands of submissions to create videos and commercial ads.

  • Give audiences an easy way to participate in and commemorate their favorite show moments.
  • Build a library of original content to leverage across brand channels.
  • Get full transfer of intellectual property rights on submitted media.

Event Activation

Gather photos and videos from events across multiple sources. Tap talent, creative staff and executives to upload media from red carpet premieres, red carpets and press events. Conduct behind-the-scenes interviews, capture sound bites, and more. Get the most out of your event investments with more original content.

  • Give fans access to candid and exclusive moments beyond typical event coverage.
  • Build an asset library to use in-season, off-cycle and throughout the content lifecycle.
  • Drive excitement for upcoming program launches, finales and awards campaigns.

Content Co-Creation

Bring your passionate audiences closer to their favorite stars and shows. Give fans an “all-access” pass by remotely directing talent and other creatives to share their “making of” stories and promote their programs. Empower them to take videos or photos with a self-directed media brief for filming, including instructions, a script and a teleprompter. Communicate and collaborate on a private, centralized chat network.

  • Develop meaningful, purpose-driven media with your most creative voices.
  • Improve your talent’s social content with direct collaboration from production crews and creative teams.
  • Maintain intellectual property rights on all media, regardless of creative source.
Greenfly powers digital media distribution for some of the world’s biggest TV networks. See how we can help you drive more tune-in.