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How Leagues and Teams Engage Digital-First Fans

Digital media is the future of sports fan engagement. Leagues, teams and associations have an opportunity to leverage their digital media inventory by distributing it to their most influential promotional partners—athletes, sponsors, and broadcasters—to share with fans. Moving mountains of media in real-time to hundreds of partners is no small task. See why Greenfly’s digital media flow management software powers revenue-generating programs for leagues, teams & competitions around the world.

Share digital media with athletes and sponsors

Athlete Social Program

Harness the brand-building endorsement of your most powerful influencers and share short-form media with athletes. Give them curated media galleries with personalized highlights to post on their personal social accounts — before they leave the locker room. Automate the distribution of individual photo & video galleries to every player and help them build their personal brand.

  • Ensure quality game and training media is always available for athletes when they want it.
  • Give players an easy way to develop their individual brand and build fan connections.
  • Strengthen relationships with all of the athletes on your roster. Don’t just ask them for media appearances, give them something valuable in return.
Major League Baseball: Athlete Social program
Distribute photos and videos to pro athletes
College student athlete catching a football
The Basketball Tournament Logo

92% of TBT basketball players use Greenfly.

Major league baseball uses Greenfly for their Live Content Creator program
MLB's Los Angeles Angels stadium

Collect Matchday Content

Gather short-form digital media on game day, and organize and distribute it in real-time to your social media team, sponsors and broadcasters — as an add-on to their linear media rights. With a game-day content program, quickly collect sourced media from embedded photographers, live content creators, and even licensed media from Getty Images to everyone who will help with digital promotion.

  • Teams: Provide matchday content to competeint teams to post on social media and provide to their players and sponsors.
  • Broadcasters: Syndicate social media to rights-holders alongside broadcast media to engage younger audiences.
  • Sponsors: Increase sponsorship value by delivering media they can use for their own promotions.
Bundesliga: Match Day Content program
Hidden Riches in Digital Media for Sports - Free Guide
Digital Media: A Gold Mine For Sports Properties

Download this free PDF guide to discover new, innovative digital media programs that sports teams, leagues and associations are using to increase sponsor & media rights revenue.

Digital Sponsor Activation

Demonstrate your digital fanbase’s power to increase sponsor value as digital channels replace experiential exposure. Provide sponsors short-form media showcasing their brand logos for re-use in their marketing. Include the impressions and engagements sponsors gain across athlete, broadcaster and superfan social pages — not just official brand channels.

  • Extend sponsor exposure well beyond match day.
  • Leverage the reach and influence of your advocates to meet sponsorship commitments.
  • Improve and expand relationships with your most valuable sources of revenue.
Premier Lacrosse League: Sponsor Activation program
Athletes are social media influencers for teams and leagues
Footballs on a pitch
Engaged fans follow athletes on social media
Fans want to feel like insiders and contribute photos and videos to teams

Fan Engagement Campaigns

Activate fans to create and submit photos and videos for use on your owned social or other digital channels. Integrate a branded microsite into your website or mobile app to provide instructions and collect media that you can easily organize and review. Easily pull together dozens or thousands of submissions to create videos and commercial ads.

  • Give fans an easy way to participate in and commemorate big franchise moments.
  • Build a library of original content.
  • Get full transfer of intellectual property rights on submitted media.
Los Angeles Dodgers: Fan UGC Campaign

Athlete Content Co-Creation

Bring your fans closer to your brand by letting them hear directly from their favorite athletes and coaches. Give fans ‘direct access’ by remotely directing these advocates to create videos or take photos with a self-guided media brief for filming, including instructions, a script and a teleprompter.

  • Create meaningful, purpose-driven media with your most ardent supporters.
  • Harness the power of their original stories to drive engagement.
  • Maintain intellectual property rights on all media.
Rajasthan Royals: Remote Content Creation
Athletes create authentic content
Fans love engaging with athletes on social media
Use Greenfly to build a valuable digital media inventory and share assets with broadcasters, sponsors and athletes.