Group Communications

Private Group Communications

Collaborating with groups can be challenging – especially when asking individuals to create videos or share content on social media. Reply-to-all emails and group SMS simply weren’t designed for announcements or centralized communications.

Centralized and Secure Group Messaging

Whether you’re working with dozens or thousands of advocates, chaotic communications can be the biggest drag on advocacy marketing program effectiveness.

Greenfly’s private, two-way, centralized communication system lets you manage all of your group messaging in one place, accessible by all Greenfly administrators, so messages never get lost. With private messaging, you can offer guidance and instructions on the content advocates create and share for your brand to maintain controls and keep them dialed in. And you can enable them to ask questions, have group dialogues, and feel appreciated and connected to your brand.

With streamlined group communications, Greenfly makes sharing across social media networks quick and easy.

  • Enjoy a closed, secure and centralized messaging system.
  • Collaborate and conduct many-to-many discussions with each advocate group.
  • Co-create and communicate without organizational barriers.
  • Relay instructions and feedback to individuals or groups.
  • Send one-way announcements.
  • Ensure quality with content approval workflows.

Ensure centralized, timely and efficient communication with every advocate group. 

Communicate privately and securely with large groups with Greenfly.