Content Distribution

A Central Hub for Digital Content Distribution

Share Unlimited Media With Groups of Any Size

Greenfly’s media galleries are like infinite cloud-based camera rolls. Once they’re shared with groups and/or individuals, they’re accessible anytime, on any mobile device, and can be updated on-the-fly. Galleries can be edited by admins or can be configured so that any individual can add their own photos and videos directly.

Greenfly media galleries can contain photos or high-definition short-form videos. Gallery composition is up to you – they can be organized by media type, or media around a specific timeframe, event, game, or episode. They can also be personalized for individuals using automated curation that continuously adds media around a single person – their performances, photoshoots, shows or games – or even their career.

The assets in galleries are completely searchable and can also be filtered by timeframe, making it easy for Greenfly app users to find what they’re looking for.

When new media is added to a gallery, advocates are immediately notified with a mobile device notification.

Any asset can be downloaded from the cloud to the mobile device’s native photo storage, or easily shared with just a few taps on more than 10 social media networks.

Provide the right media for advocates to access, anytime they need it.