Mobile App

Mobile App

Creating, receiving and sharing great content wherever you are is easy with the Greenfly app. This powerful mobile app works on Android and iOS devices so you can send digital media, receive media and social posts, and communicate directly with your organization.

Quickly Share Photos & Videos On Social

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Access Digital Content, Anytime 
  • Browse and search galleries of photos and videos.
  • Filter media and sort galleries by parameters including name and most recently added. 
  • Get notified immediately when curated new media assets are added.
  • Share any asset on social media with just a few taps.
  • Or, download assets to your camera roll to save, share or use later.
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Assisted Content Creation
  • Record original videos with instructions and an on-screen teleprompter.
  • Take your high-quality photos with instructions from your organization.
  • Clearly see all the details: deadline, duration and screen orientation.
  • Submit your custom-created media with just a few taps. 
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Capture / Upload Media
  • Shoot your original media through the Greenfly app or upload from your camera roll.
  • Bulk upload collections and videos up to 1GB.
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Private One-to-One Messaging
  • Get in touch with your organization anytime with one-to-one chat.
  • Get support or ask questions about media requests.
  • Leave notes and comments on assets.
  • Stay organized with notifications, original content requests and social content sharing requests.
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