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Greenfly is the world’s first and only digital media collection & distribution platform. Greenfly enables organizations to transform their advocates into brand builders by harnessing the power of digital media.

Our Mission

Greenfly has a simple mission: to fuel brand love through the power of digital media.

Our digital media infrastructure software has become the central hub to gather and distribute digital media at a scale never seen before. With effortless sharing, we help create new ways for brands to win the hearts and minds of customers, fans and followers through visual storytelling.

We believe that authentic advocacy is the future of marketing, and we are leading the way.

Shawn Green (Co-Founder + Chairman) & Daniel Kirschner (Co-Founder + CEO)

Harness the endorsement and brand-building power of your most powerful influencers by sharing short-form media with athletes and players. Give athletes personalized game, training and event highlights with curated media galleries that they can use to post on their personal social accounts — before they leave the locker room. Also collect their compelling, authentic personal videos and snaps for publishing on your own brand channels.

Our Story

To “greenfly” someone is known in professional baseball circles as requesting a favor from that person.

When two-time MLB all-star Shawn Green conceived the concept of Greenfly in 2014, he needed to streamline a way to answer the ongoing questions he received about his storied career — and wanted to use his phone to capture and send videos.

He had a feeling that new technology was a home run, and asked Daniel Kirschner to weigh in. Daniel’s digital media expertise provided the operational experience needed to prototype the first version of Greenfly, and a new way to share digital media was born.

Greenfly Today

At Greenfly, we recognize that authentic, visual storytelling engages customers, audiences and fans better than anything. Digital media exactly what organizations need to stand out on social media, and the Greenfly platform enables organizations to collect digital content from just about anywhere — and share it with just about anyone. Greenfly is the central hub for creating and sharing all of an organization’s digital media.

Greenfly has helped transform some of the most recognized brands around the world to lead with digital engagement. In 2020, Inc. Magazine named Greenfly one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., and we continue to build new innovative technology to harness the social power of advocates. Greenfly is headquartered in the heart of Southern California’s “Silicon Beach” in Santa Monica, with satellite offices in Seattle and New York, and European offices in Paris.


Organizations including 275 sports teams & leagues


Greenfly users including some of the most famous talent in the world


Media assets flowing through Greenfly


Assets selected to share on social platforms


Social engagements created through Greenfly

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of advocacy marketing experts and enterprise software professionals.


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