Greenfly for Brands

Your brand ambassador program has never been more important. Social media is now where consumers connect with the brands they love and discover new ones to follow, and your ambassadors are the human face of your brand.

Greenfly helps you collect original and authentic photos and videos from ambassadors for brand promotions and digital marketing.

And, you can share suggested social media posts so they can get your messages out to their followers.

Sharing Media with Ambassadors Increases Consumer Engagement:

  • Capture
  • Share
  • Collaborate
  • Coordinate

Collect Content From Your Community

One central hub to request and manage content created by your community: ambassadors, employees, store associates, partners and more

Capture Content From:
Store Associates

Source footage of in-store events and promotions for immediate use on social to drive ongoing consumer engagement


Collect original, authentic content from ambassadors about their life with your brand and beyond to build your following and theirs


Mobilize your partners to capture their visual perspective on your content and leverage their reach

Brand ambassadors love instagram, ensure they're using branded media


Organize, Search & Share

With Greenfly, you can easily manage created content coming in, and shared content with brand ambassador groups of any size

Ways to Coordinate Content:

Organize Media in Galleries

Create a collection of photo and videos, update the content in real-time, distribute it promptly and measure the results when it's posted to social media platforms

Integrate with Other Content Hubs

Increase your speed to social by aggregating content from digital asset management systems or cloud storage to tap into photo and video archives

Search and Browse, Anytime

Tag photos, add notes, use robust metadata to search and browse for any asset - right from your mobile device.

Collect videos and photos directly from brand ambassadors
Collaborate with brand ambassadors, create and share content in real time
Greenfly can end the chaos, and completely automate content distribution and collection efforts.

Strengthen Your Most Important Relationships

Greenfly creates a web of connections, streamlines content workflows and eases communication with your community to give you higher-quality content

Collaborative Tools Enable You to:
Get Content

Receive fresh content by requesting photos and videos in a particular format and length by a specified day or time, with automatic reminders

Share Content

Ask your community to share photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter; suggest captions and hashtags for immediate posting

Message Your Community

Communicate immediately and in context to enhance collaboration around a product launch, memorable event or important topic


Give Your Consumers Authentic, Real-Time Content

Greenfly makes sure that content is routed through your community to reach its most effective distribution channel in a timely manner

Connect With Your Audience:

Deliver the best photos and videos to the most relevant social accounts; expand reach within your fan base and all those within your community


Build your brand with hard-to-capture content that fans crave—from live moments to candid, behind-the-scenes interludes


Gain key insights by seeing how content is shared, where it is shared and most importantly, how it performs

Share the right size media for instagram stories, like this from Monster Energy


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