Brand Ambassador Management Software

Your brand ambassador program has never been more important. Social media is now where consumers connect with the brands they love and discover new ones to follow. Ambassadors are the human face of your brand.

Greenfly is ambassador management software that enables you to collect original and authentic photos and videos from advocates for digital marketing promotions to reach new customers.

Collaborate with brand ambassadors, connect with customers on social media, and promote your brand to new markets with authentic content. Greenfly’s brand ambassador management platform is the new way to build your brand through digital marketing.

Sharing Media with Ambassadors Increases Social Engagement:

  • Capture
  • Share
  • Collaborate
  • Coordinate

Capture Content From Your Community

Greenfly is a unique brand advocacy solution that allows you to request, collect, and distribute content from a central media hub. Manage your brand’s social media presence to increase customer engagement.

Capture Content From All of Your Brand Advocates:


Collect original, authentic content from ambassadors about their life with your brand and beyond to build your following and theirs. Greenfly’s software and mobile app make brand ambassador management easier than ever. Communicate and collaborate with Greenfly.

Store Associates

Leverage the first-hand experiences of agents, store managers, and franchisees. Source footage of in-store events or promotions for immediate use on official social channels to drive ongoing consumer engagement. 


Media sharing apps allow you to put together reels of unboxing videos, collect product reviews, and engage with customers in a new and exciting way. Nothing says more about your brand than the reviews and reactions of loyal customers.

Employees & Staff

Gather footage of real-time events and promotions from your staff and drive customer engagement with your brand. Your employees are the face of your day-to-day operations and our management software makes connecting through them more possible than ever.

Brand ambassadors love instagram, ensure they're using branded media


Distribute Content to Ambassadors 

Managing your ambassadors to help build your brand is a powerful new way to engage customers on social media.

Engage customers, manage brand ambassadors, and leverage employees with Greeenfly’s media sharing app. Instead of searching social media platforms for brand-related UGC content, ask your ambassadors to create it!  Capture, collect and organize this media, and use it to engage more deeply with customers on your brand’s social channels.

Coordinate Content Distribution Across the Organization

Share Media Galleries 

Build collections of photos and videos, add or update content in real-time, and distribute it to groups of any size.  Measure the results when it’s posted to social media platforms. A continuous supply of high-quality on-brand and on-message content will keep ambassadors sharing on their social channels

Distribute Hidden Media Assets

Break down the media silos in your organization and unleash the power of archived photos and videos. Aggregate media from digital asset management systems, cloud storage systems, and media editing platforms and share it with ambassadors so they can share it with the world.

Capture the Excitement of Live Events

Showcase sponsors and give customers an insider view of any event. Leverage photographers, videographers and content creators as they capture special moments. Organize and manage that media content and share it with brand ambassadors and official brand channels in real-time. 

Collect videos and photos directly from brand ambassadors
Collaborate with brand ambassadors, create and share content in real time
Greenfly’s brand ambassador management platform automates your team’s media distribution, creation and collection efforts.

Co-Create Branded Media with Creators

Greenfly creates a web of connections, streamlines content workflows and eases communication with your community to give you higher-quality content.

Greenfly gives you a private network to connect, communicate, and collaborate with creators, enabling the co-creation of media. With built-in content workflows and approvals, Greenfly streamlines the collaborative creation of content with any community. You’ll get high-quality, authentic, unique content and find that it performs better than studio-created media.

Collect Content

Receive fresh, purpose-built content by requesting photos and videos in a particular format and length by a specified day or time, with automatic reminders to ensure it comes in when you need it

Share Pre-Created Social Posts

Ask your creator community to become ambassadors and share their work, or edited works with other on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Direct them with complete social post suggestions that they can personalize. Suggest captions and hashtags and more.

Message Your Community

Greenfly’s built-in messaging functionality gives you the power of group texting without the group replies to all. Communicate with ambassadors and creators in real-time, send announcements, deliver feedback on created media, and collaborate any time of the day.


Engage Customers Through Authentic, Real-time Content

The Greenfly media sharing app distributes content t0 your community to reach the most effective distribution channels you have — your ambassadors. Increase reach and engagement by managing ambassadors and their activities, collaborating with creators, and leveraging your community to build your brand.

Connect With Your Audience Where They Are: On Social Media


Deliver the best photos and videos to the social accounts of your brand influencers. Expand your brand’s reach to new customers and reach new communities while building engagement with loyal customers.


Build your brand with interesting, hard-to-capture content that fans crave. Capture live events to candid company outings that work to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.


Gain key insights from Greenfly’s brand ambassador software by seeing how content is shared, where it is shared and most importantly, how it performs on social media.

Share the right size media for instagram stories, like this from Monster Energy


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