Media Distribution Starts With Great Content

Digital media is created and stored in many different systems and locations. Our goal at Greenfly is to help you get that media into the hands of your staff and partners as quickly as possible. Our technology partners are the best of breed in their respective areas. Direct integrations in Greenfly +Connect enable our customers to distribute content from each of our partners’ products as soon as it’s available.

Get To Know Our Partners

Getty Images is the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, with over 200 million assets. Getty Images works with over 200,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide comprehensive coverage of more than 130,000 news, sport and entertainment events. Greenfly enables individual access to a customer’s Getty Image library from their mobile phone, helping to increase the use of high-quality photos on social media.

Grabyo - cloud-native live production, video clipping and editing.

Grabyo is a premium video editing and publishing platform built for live, social and mobile. Greenfly automates the process of sharing Grabyo-produced video clips and highlights to advocates, athletes, sponsors and broadcasters to fuel their digital media channels with amazing event video.

PhotoShelter empowers effortless visual storytelling and helps organizations who are passionate about their photo, videos, and other creative assets do more with them. PhotoShelter is the simplest and fastest digital asset management platform built for visual media. Greenfly unlocks these assets and enables automated and rapid sharing with advocates to build social media reach and engagement.

Picturepark enables organizations to build purpose-specific solutions that help them to better manage and route any type of content, at any scale. Picturepark manages file-based and fileless content in a strictly-structured way: featuring content management innovations such as Adaptive Metadata™, semantic relationships and microsites. 

Wildmoka logo

Wildmoka’s cloud-based Digital Media Factory is an open, collaborative environment for live, near-live and on-demand content creation and distribution to all digital platforms. Wildmoka’s technology can automatically detect video content relevant to broadcasters, athletes, influencers or sponsors and immediately publish targeted clips and reels to Greenfly, where they are automatically matched to their inventories.

The WSC Sports enables organizations to build purpose-specific solutions to help them to better manage and route any type of video content. With Greenfly, WSC Sports customers are able to share video clips effortlessly with one or more advocate groups, leveraging highlight content across more social media profiles and spreading the most compelling video on digital channels.

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Imagen, the leading cloud media asset management platform, enables businesses to unlock the value in their ever-growing media libraries with fast, secure and controlled cloud-based access to videos, brand assets and campaign content. Greenfly integrates with Imagen to power the automated collection, storage and distributed sharing of this short-form digital media. Global sports and entertainment organizations can bring pre-game, in-game and post-game moments to life.

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