+AI Vision

+AI Vision

AI Photo & Video Recognition

The most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in sports identifies players, teams, sponsors and scenes in seconds

Our award winning +AI Vision is a game-changer for short-form content organization on match day. It automatically tags and curates media based on the contents of photos and videos. Digital assets are delivered to teams, partners, players, broadcasters and staff in seconds – all without humans.

Greenfly +AI Vision automates media organization

Sit Back and Watch the Content Flow

On game day, it’s all about providing digital media access ASAP. You need to move mountains of new photos & videos right after they’re captured, but it’s impossible to organize anything in the moment. +AI Vision was built for speed and easily handles huge volumes of media from simultaneous games or events.

Real-Time Distribution

Fully automated tagging and organization means digital media can be distributed in real time.

End-to-End Delivery

Deliver digital assets arriving from multiple sources to any recipient – in one simple rights-managed feed.

Endless Efficiency

Automated organization means the elimination of manual tagging, asset movement and organization.

+AI Visions organizes photos & videos so they can be quickly published to social media.

How It Works

+AI Vision uses the sports industry’s most advanced AI technology to identify all subjects in photos and videos. It automatically appends descriptive tags to each asset in seconds. 

Every asset is immediately searchable as soon as it’s available in the Greenfly library and automatically moved into appropriate galleries. 


Names and numbers

Teams and clubs icon


Competing teams

Sponsors & partners icon

Partners & Sponsors

Logos and lockups


Warmups, scores and more

Every second counts within the NHL’s Live Social Contributor Program. Fans want their content fast.

Greenfly’s artificial intelligence tagging features make it possible to route thousands of photos and videos shot by LSCs across 32 arenas directly to the athletes, Clubs, and broadcast partners who want to publish them in real-time.


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clio sports silver award nhl greenfly

+AI Vision is a Clio Sports Award Winner

With +AI Vision, the NHL, Clubs, Players and broadcasters can access and share the unforgettable and exclusive moments that make NHL hockey so compelling to fans — in a matter of seconds. 

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We’re excited to show you how +AI Vision can supercharge your team to provide immediate access to more content. Check out this quick video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how AI-powered organization can help create the ultimate game day content workflow.