Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Score Big Wins for Corporate Partners

Corporate partners and brand sponsors demand inspiring digital activations — and analytics to back them up.

Exceed your partners’ expectations by overdelivering on impressions,  boosting existing programs  and offering new ones.

Your Current
Reach Limits Your Rewards

Sponsor activation campaigns are typically limited by the number of fans following your official social channels. They’re also subject to the “black box” of social media platform algorithms.

Growing partner activation beyond your earned audiences has become nearly impossible. The number of campaigns you can run is limited, and proving results and ROI is especially challenging. And, you’re relying on your digital team to make it all happen.

More fan activation for partners requires more reach fan reach, for both teams and leagues. Increasing sponsor revenue requires more fan engagement and unique campaigns.

Provide Digital Activation With Real ROI

Get your sponsors hooked on double-sized digital impressions and fan activation. Help your digital team help you deliver more value to more sponsors all year round.

When you run more campaigns more efficiently and deliver more impressions than your official channels can offer, you’ll see partner revenue skyrocket.

And you’ll be able to share digital media assets directly (and automatically) with corporate partners. With their brand front and center, this is a value-add they’ll integrate into their own promotions.

Sponsor activation with real ROI

Greenfly Delivers

With Greenfly’s software, you can deliver partner campaigns with astounding results. Greenfly customers have increased their partnership renewal values by 100% (and more!) after a year of outperforming sponsor expectations.

Deliver partner campaigns for baseball, football, soccer, cricket, racing, martial arts, sailing and just about any sport.

Overdeliver on existing digital programs — far beyond official social channels.

Measure impressions and engagements from players, broadcasters and other stakeholders

Demonstrate significant equivalent advertising value.

Prove the thousands — or millions — of real advertising spend you’ve saved for every partner with boosted organic campaigns.

Demonstrate significant equivalent advertising value.
Create unique, immersive UGC campaigns.

Create unique, immersive campaigns.

Collect authentic fan content and co-create branded media with fans for any partner. Drive fan engagement through the roof with UGC.

Deliver short-form content that enhances your partner’s own brand.

Share photos and videos with partner logos. Seamlessly, automatically, in real-time, without sending Dropbox links.

Deliver short-form content that enhances your partner’s own brand.

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Photo Credits: Jonathan Hair | Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Savannah Bananas, Bob Frid | Vancouver Whitecaps FC