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Ignite Local Fan Passion With Immersive Content

Boost fan engagement, streamline media operations and deliver more sponsor value by capturing and sharing more short-form media.




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Short-form media management software for sports federations and national associations

Attract New Fans With Digital Content

Federations, national sporting associations and NGBs are challenged with working both globally and locally to promote their sport and competitions. Greenfly powers two-way sharing between regional and international bodies (and athletes) to help reach today’s digital-first fans. Everyone benefits from real-time access to content as events unfold to grow awareness, loyalty and to attract new fans.

Trusted By NGBs and International Federations

Powerful enough for global competitions, affordable for regional associations.

Supercharged Digital Media Programs

Greenfly’s AI-enabled software platform orchestrates the capture and delivery of photos and video clips from live events to dozens or thousands of recipients — in seconds. 

The cloud-based media hub is flexible and scalable for collaboration with dozens of associations and thousands of athletes.

Global / Regional Collaboration

Give member associations the ability to capture media at local events and share in real time. Deliver assets from every competition to athletes and their member associations to boost awareness and fan engagement.

Real-Time Content Feed

Deliver the magic moments of every event in real time to local and global staff and to broadcasters for social media, linear and OTT platforms.

Athlete Social Sharing

Enable your digital team to harness the influencer power of players to engage directly with fans on their federation’s behalf, expanding your fan connections and digital influence.

Sponsor Activation

Deliver more impressions and sponsor value. Offer a variety of new digital activations and provide branded digital content for athletes to share, too.

Fan UGC Collection

Harness the creativity of fans, collect UGC and co-create content for any campaign, sponsor activation or celebration. 

Designed for Federations

Greenfly was designed for ease of use, but backed with powerful tech

Build Awareness

Build a digital footprint beyond your owned social channels to increase your reach and engage both occasional and casual fans.

Ignite the Influence of Athletes

Empower athletes to engage fans directly on behalf of your organization and benefit from their additional social reach.

Boost Fan Engagement 

Ignite fan passion with captivating all-access content that immerses fans in every game

Centralize Access of Short-Form Content

Maximize your investment in short-form content and keep it organized, searchable and in one cloud-based library.

Attract and Retain Younger Audiences

Engage and retain the next generation of fans with dynamic, immersive content on every platform

Deliver More Sponsor Value

Maximize sponsorship returns and build lasting partnerships by opening up new digital opportunities for sponsors that drive surprisingly bigger results.

How it Works

Greenfly is the only end-to-end content distribution platform made for sports organizations by sports media pros (seriously, our founder is a 2X baseball All-Star). Greenfly’s cloud-based platform will help transform your organization to supercharge fan engagement on digital channels.

Capture and Collection

Capture exclusive, original content live at events specifically for digital distribution. Collect photos and videos from creators, staff and photographers in real time at global and regional competitions.

Automated Organization

AI-powered image and video recognition automates media organization and enables real-time asset access. Eliminate manual tagging and organization to get content to more people more quickly.

Real-Time Distribution

Share photo and video galleries with ease — from every regional competition. Get rights-managed assets to teams, athletes, broadcasters, sponsors and everyone else who needs it.

Using a platform like Greenfly allows us to collect those assets in a timely and organized manner, and, in turn, we’re able to share them with fans either as stand-alone content or as part of a bigger play.

Colin Freeman
Senior Director of Brand & Digital Marketing, Canadian Olympic Committee

Features for Federations

  • Centralized, cloud-based asset storage 
  • User access to media galleries
    through a simple mobile app
  • Top-down and bottom-up collaboration 
  • 95% average player activation rates
  • Integrated chat and announcements 
  • Fan-created content (UGC) collection
  • Full-text search for recent and archived assets
  • Seamless integration with existing storage systems
  • A dedicated customer success manager for continuous improvement

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