How Team Canada’s Digital Team Won Content Gold With Two Olympic Games in Six Months

Engage by Hashtag Sports Q&A: Colin Freeman, Director of Digital, Canadian Olympic Committee, on Team Canada’s digital content strategy.

team canada photo - digital content at Olympics

Engage by Hashtag Sports featured a Q&A with Colin Freeman, Director of Digital at the Canadian Olympic Committee. Colin shared Team Canada’s strategy to keep fans engaged over the two recent Olympic Games held just six months apart. 

Having fewer content resources on-site during the Games meant that Team Canada relied on more partners and tools to help get the assets needed to engage fans. Along with tapping into more archival, fan-generated and athlete content in the lead up to the Games, the organization worked with media attachés to collect and distribute Olympic event content in the moment. They were also able to get to know the athletes well and identify content storylines. Freeman noted:

“This is where a tool like Greenfly comes in and plays a crucial role in our workflows by allowing us to push and pull assets to our team members who are in direct contact with the athletes. Sometimes it is very intentional, and sometimes the attachés just are in the right place at the right time and capture a genuine and authentic moment.

Using a tool like Greenfly allows us to collect those assets in a timely and organized manner, and in turn, we’re able to share them with fans either as stand-alone content or as part of a bigger play. We really couldn’t function the way we do at Games without Greenfly – particularly in Tokyo and Beijing.”

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