Greenfly and Yahoo Sports: Reporters Get Breaking Sports News to Audiences Faster

Greenfly and Yahoo Sports: Short-form content delivery & breaking news mobile content capture through reporters, producers & editors.

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Sports news is moving faster than ever. News outlets have seconds to attract audiences before they move on to the next post in their feeds. 

And how that news is delivered matters. Sports fans (particularly digital-first ones) want insights from the news talent they’ve come to know and trust — the reporters and analysts with the inside and on-the-ground access to their favorite athletes, teams and events. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Yahoo Sports, which is poised to redefine how sports news is consumed. Greenfly will power short-form content distribution and breaking news mobile content capture through Yahoo Sports’ reporters, producers and editorial staff for posting on social and digital channels. 

On game and live event days, a typical game can turn into a classic in a heartbeat. In the competitive world of news, editorial staff, producers and reporters need this content just as fast to drive their coverage. 

News talent now have a bounty of channels for sports fans to consume the magic moments they most want. And news teams are ready to tell the story. They do this through highlight clips, press conference excerpts, and the all-access, behind-the-scenes moments they have exclusive vantage points to capture — right on their mobile devices. 

But delivering personalized short-form content into their hands instantly and collecting first-person perspectives from them demands a strategic approach. At its core is tapping into the power of technology to streamline a news organization’s entire short-form content ecosystem. This enables remote collaboration and instant video and photo access for delivery to audiences.

Greenfly Partners With Yahoo Sports To Drive Live News Content Capture and Delivery

Yahoo Sports will use Greenfly to power short-form content delivery to its team of reporters, producers and editors, and to staff for populating owned social and digital channels. These same groups will be able to use the Greenfly mobile app to capture their own original photos and videos at live events.  

“Yahoo Sports is a great brand that has been a highly successful creator of digital content for decades – among the most prominent leaders in sports media,” Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said. “Greenfly’s relationship with the Yahoo Sports executive team goes back almost a decade. Having worked with current Yahoo Sports President Ryan Spoon and Head of Content Sam Farber in their previous roles, I’m thrilled to have the chance to work together again to provide fans with the highest quality sports content. 

Greenfly will enable the Yahoo Sports teams to capture live breaking news content on the ground, enhancing their ability to bring the biggest moments in sports to life faster and further the connection they share with fans.”

“To serve fans today, we need to meet them where they are in real-time,” Yahoo Sports Head of Content Sam Farber said. “That’s why we take a multi-platform approach to our content – and teaming up with Greenfly helps us execute our strategy in an organized and efficient way.”

Catch the Feed: Deliver Real-Time News to Audiences

Gone are the days of waiting minutes or hours for sports news. 

With technology and a solid short-form content strategy, fans can experience the thrill of a live game as it unfolds, through the steady lens of their favorite news talent. 

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