BET Networks Surpasses Annual Social Goals

BET crushed its social media goals by sharing behind-the-scenes media and trailers with show talent.

BET Networks, the leading provider of quality television programming for the African-American audience, has figured out the secret to reaching this audience on social media. 

TV networks now face an overwhelming amount of competition for audience attention and media time from other networks, OTT streaming services and internet programming. Breaking through the clutter and staying connected to audiences is a constant struggle. 

BET’s social team transformed the network’s content strategy with amazing results. To increase awareness and engagement, they shifted their thinking from relying on organic posts and paid ads on each show’s social media channels to harnessing the power of their robust talent roster through the Greenfly brand advocacy platform.

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100% of the Boomerang cast uses Greenfly

The network’s executives knew the most valuable, focused eyeballs were with the fans that followed their favorite stars across platforms. They also knew that providing quality photos and videos promptly to those stars to post on their personal social media profiles would be their best chance for success.

BET’s social media team activated talent and producers from 25 different BET shows and quickly had them sharing media and creating original content. One of the many successful outcomes? The network had three of the top 10 tentpole cable award shows last year based on social interactions.*

BET’s experience offers a lesson for television networks and other entertainment and media companies looking to build stronger audience connections and improve ratings: Leverage compelling and authentic social content served up by your brand’s advocates. 

*Source: Nielsen Social, 1/1/19 – 12/31/19, Cable Specials, excluding non-Award Show Premieres, ranked by episode. 

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