It’s Time to Monetize Your Digital Media

It’s Time To Monetize Your Digital Media

Join top sports properties ramping up their revenue from sponsors & broadcasters using short-form digital media.

Access the plays that top teams & leagues use to increase fan loyalty and share digital media with partners while driving more demand.

  • Innovative ways sports properties can increase sponsor value by 10X or more
  • How leagues can help broadcasters drive more viewers
  • Why fan expectations have changed, and how rights-holders are rethinking fan engagement beyond TV
Digital Download Cover art for "Monitize and Mobilize your Digital Media"
Digital Download Cover art for "Monitize and Mobilize your Digital Media"

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Digital Media is the TV for a New Generation

Greenfly is the leader in digital media monetization. We empower top sports organizations to automate the flow of short-form videos and photos from the field directly to dozens or thousands of athletes, sponsors and broadcasters. Align your league, team, or sports association around the diverse preferences of the next generation of sports fans.


Fans now follow athletes, not teams. Empower your athletes with the power to share more authentic experiences directly with their (and your) fans.


Supercharge digital reach.
Get sponsors hooked on unstoppable engagement and activation that traditional channels simply can’t deliver.


Realize the full value of the moments you already own. Empower media rights partners to unlock hard-to-reach audiences and help them drive tune-in.

Greenfly Platform - Media Flow Diagram

Your Central Hub for
Digital Media Distribution

Organizations rely on the Greenfly software platform as their digital media nerve center. The cloud-based software and easy to use mobile app enable the collection, curation, organization and distribution of short-form digital media from anywhere to just about anyone.

Greenfly was designed to handle the needs of large, multi-tiered leagues and sports events, sharing thousands of media assets on game day, but it’s also affordable and easy to use — even for small and amateur teams.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your
Sports Marketing Playbook

What has worked for sports marketing for the
last 30 years simply won’t work to attract the next generation of fans. Find out how increasing digital reach can simultaneously increase your organization’s revenue.