The Real-Time Digital Content Feed Playbook V2

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The Secret To Monetizing Digital Media Inventory

Download this playbook to learn how and why a real-time digital content feed will fuel fan engagement and boost media rights and sponsor revenues.

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Sponsor Value


Percent increase insocial reach


Social engagement

A How-To Guide for Building a Real-Time Match Day Content Feed

When you and your partners engage fans with unique photos and videos, you’ll increase fan reach and open up new revenue opportunities with broadcasters and sponsors. This step-by-step playbook is your guide to creating a private content feed that benefits your entire organization.

Digital Marketing

Stack your teams, players and partners
with more content than their thumbs
can handle. Help them help you build
more engagement and fan loyalty.

Corporate Partnerships

Supercharge digital reach. Get sponsors
hooked on unstoppable digital
impressions, engagement and
activation that official social
channels simply can’t match.


The content is in your court. Realize the
full value of the moments you already
own and help broadcasters drive
more tune-in in their local markets
from digital channels.

Cloud-Based Digital Media Collection and Distribution

Sports organizations of all sizes rely on Greenfly’s award-winning software platform. Greenfly’s digital media hub and versatile mobile apps enable more people to access short-form digital media when they need it.

The Greenfly platform was designed to handle the needs of large, multi-tiered organizations like sports leagues, but it’s so easy to use (and priced) for small teams.

It’s Time To Let the Content Flow 

There are many ways to get digital assets to social media platforms… eventually.
If you need real-time content for digital channels, then download this free ebook to deliver videos & photos from pitch to social post in minutes.