Help College Athletes Build Their Brand for NIL

Help College Athletes Build Their Brand for NIL

Stay Compliant and Boost Recruiting Efforts

NIL is changing the face of college sports

How can your school stand out?

Game-day digital media collection programs. Pro leagues, including MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL all use these programs to capture the excitement of live games and events to engage fans on social media.

Athletes use these photos and video clips of their performance to build their own personal brand – now critical for NIL.

College athletic departments can support the NIL dreams of student-athletes, remain NIL compliant, and retain a recruiting edge with a game-day collection program.

College athletics can even add a new revenue stream while filling student, partner and fan media demands.

Greenfly, the leader in digital media management, is all you need.

  • Easily collect real-time photos and videos from photographers, staffers, freelancers, fans and students
  • Build valuable digital media inventory that partners, sponsors and teams will love to share on social media
  • Automatically distribute digital media to athletes, sponsors and donors, even before the team leaves the locker room

Now is the time to stay ahead of NIL – and use the same platform the pros do.

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