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Greenfly is an automated digital media orchestration platform that can help take your club’s content game to the next level. You’ll see fan engagement skyrocket, drive more value for sponsors, and save tons of time when you get original photos and video clips in the hands of the right people, automatically.




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Social media has changed the way fans engage with sports. There’s now a massive opportunity for football clubs to leverage short-form content across their ecosystem and build their powerhouse status off the pitch with the help of your athletes and fans.

Trusted by Football Teams and Leagues Worldwide

As the world’s leading digital content platform for sports, Greenfly automates the collection, organization and distribution of media assets for teams, leagues and federations around the globe.

Collecting all-access content of sports fans, celebrating with confetti.
“Greenfly has been incredible. It’s so easy for the players to use, it’s become part of their everyday routine. The players are now our marketing partners, and they’re helping us extend the excitement of PSG to our fans and partners in all corners of the world.”
Paris Saint-Germain

Anthony Baca

Paris Saint-Germain

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Real-Time Content Feed

Deliver curated moments from matches in real time to the social media team, players, sponsors and more.

Sponsor Activation

Offer a variety of new activations including branded digital content and access to content with sponsor logos.

Athlete Social Sharing

Unleash the influencer power of players by delivering content to their phones for easy social sharing.

Real Results From RC Lens

Challenge: RC Lens wanted to drive fan engagement and awareness for its club and matches by enhancing club and player channels on social media.

Partnership: With Greenfly, RC Lens created their new social media content service for players. Sharable content, such as matchday photos, now constantly flows to players and staff all season long. 

Results: RC Lens players and staff have been utilizing Greenfly for two seasons, with player shares, followers and in-feed interactions all growing significantly.

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