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How to Leverage Short-Form Content Like the Pros

Download our playbook to learn how to use short-form content to ignite fandom, boost sponsor revenue and enhance student-athlete recruiting.

We’re sharing the secrets and tips we’ve learned while working with the world’s largest sports leagues, teams and collegiate programs to power their short-form content ecosystem.

Download the College Athletics Playbook

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football player running out of a mobile phone like he is breaking past the screne

Close the Content Gap for Your Student-Athletes 

Student-athletes need authentic, real-time content to build their brands for endorsement deals or future pro careers. In our playbook, you’ll learn how to enable your athletes to create, receive and share compelling content easily on social media — like over 25,000 of the world’s leading athletes. Plus, we dive into how to capture even more value throughout your ecosystem. 

“We want to provide Big Ten student-athletes with the same level of technology as the most prominent professional leagues… This partnership is going to transform our ability to support student-athletes as they build their online presence and connect with fans, brands and alumni around the world.”

Tony Petitti

Commissioner, Big Ten Conference

How to Level-Up Your Content Game

College athletics has entered a new era of fandom and economics. From NIL and sponsorships deals to conference shifts and media rights, college athletics is evolving. Read our playbook to tap into the value of real time short-form content. You’ll learn how to:

Simplify Live Content Capture

Enable the capture and automated collection of content from student-athletes, photographers and existing systems.

Centralize Content Storage and Access

Create a centralized hub for all of your stakeholders to access, browse and use short-form content.

Automate Content Organization

Leverage AI tagging and metadata to automatically curate content as it comes in from any system.

Distribute Content to All Stakeholders

Content can be leveraged by more than your marketing teams. Give student-athletes, programs, sponsors and more access to short-form content.

Drive Revenue By Including Sponsors

Short-form content programs can easily be leveraged and sold to sponsors.

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