Greenfly for Major League Soccer Clubs

Greenfly for MLS Clubs

Supercharge Fan Engagement

Unleash the full influence of your biggest influencers to engage new and younger fans like never before.
Increase fan engagement, reach bigger audiences, and drive more revenue for sponsors by activating MLS players.

Score Big Wins for Your Sponsors

Corporate partners will get hooked on double-sized digital impressions.

Deliver new sponsor activation campaigns, user-generated content, and authentic endorsements from players.

Trusted by the World’s Leading
Teams & Leagues

More Fan Reach & Engagement

Engage MLS fans where they are today. Digital and social channels are the ‘go-to’ for younger fans and will help your club increase fan loyalty.

  • Quickly activate players and fan influencers and expand social reach by 500%, 1,000% or more!
  • Collect original content from players & UGC from fans for record-breaking sponsor activations
  • Attract more Gen-Z fans on every digital and social platform

Sports marketers can’t do it all, that’s why Greenfly’s proven technology was created.

We’ll help your club automate the delivery of social content from creators in the stadium to your new set of marketing partners: sponsors, athletes, staff and influencers.

Get the details on how Paris Saint-Germain activated their world-class players to increase fan reach more than 2,200%!

More Value for Corporate Partners

  • Increase MLS club sponsor value by 50%+ (in a single season!)
  • Deliver 10x to 100x more sponsor impressions
  • Easily deliver photos and short-form videos directly to sponsors

Most sports teams don’t account for the equivalent ad value delivered to sponsors through players’ own social media accounts because they’re not tracking these impressions and engagements.

Deliver 10x to 100x more value to your club’s sponsors – reach, impressions and digital activation – when you share digital media featuring sponsor logos with players and they share with their followers.

Greenfly can help you deliver and accurately report on the sponsor value you’re already delivering, and put fuel on this fire.

For more ideas, get the Greenfly Guide to Increasing Sponsor Value on digital.

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Social Media Match Day Feed: Authentic Real-Time Content for Digital Channels

The top professional football league in Germany, the Bundesliga, is leading the way on that front by bringing authentic, in-stadium football media direct to clubs, fans, and regional rights-holding broadcasters and sponsors. They have reimagined their sports media operations with the innovative Social Media Matchday Feed, powered by Greenfly.

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Gained Over 32 Million New Fans 

The Greenfly platform is nothing like the tools you’ve seen before. It delivers video and photos seamlessly through a simple mobile app. Media is tagged, so it’s always searchable and always available. Players simply love it.

You can ask players to share specific photos, or give them open access to personalized media galleries. You can also crowdsource UGC from fans to drive more engagement across all of your official social channels.

Get to know Greenfly. Increase digital reach and drive more value for sponsors and fans.