Greenfly for NFL Teams

Greenfly for NFL Teams

Supercharge Fan Engagement

Unleash the full influence of your staff and sponsors to continuously engage new and younger fans across digital channels like never before.

Score Big Wins for Your Sponsors

Get corporate partners hooked on double-sized increase in exposure and more authentic digital fan activation.

Delivering original digital media to your entire organization effortlessly engagement will increase sponsor revenue, boost game attendance and drive merchandise sales. By automating the delivery of staff-sourced photos and video clips immersed in the action, you cangrow your social footprint by 10x or 100x — or more!

More Social Engagement for Marketers

  • Attract and engage Gen Z fans across digital platforms 
  • Automatically route images to the right gallery using AI image recognition 
  • Collect content from the field and access it in seconds

Be where your fans want to see you. Digital and social channels are where the next generation of fans live 6-10 hours a day! 

Automation and AI photo tagging makes content flow seamlessly to social media.

Greenfly will help you automate the delivery of media from the stadium to your new marketing partners: your sponsors, staff and influencers.

They need this content. Greenfly empowers you to deliver it automatically — in seconds.

Get the details on how Paris Saint-Germain activated their world-class players to increase fan reach more than 2,200%!

More Measurable Value for Sponsors

  • Increase sponsor value by 50% or more — in a single season
  • Deliver 10x to 100x more impressions and millions of $ in advertising value 
  • Share photos and videos directly with sponsors for their use

Deliver more value to your sponsors this season with content, fan activation and measured impressions. 

Sponsors can now easily own and access curated streams of content like pregame arrivals that feature partner activation. And run UGC campaigns with fans. 

Greenfly can help you deliver more sponsor impressions through short-form media distribution and report  on the value added to sponsors.

Playbook: Increase Sponsor Value

See How MLB Created a Continuous Digital
Media Feed With Greenfly 

Nothing like the Tools You’ve Seen Before 

  • Collect photos and video seamlessly – from staffers, photographers, and even fans 
  • Automated AI image recognition – eliminate the manual work of sorting and organizing
  • Request and collect content from fans – get specific UGC and engage like never before
  • Don’t change your workflows – Greenfly is flexible and fits seamlessly into your systems 

Rewrite The Rules for Digital Media Collection

Harnessing the power of staff-created media and UGC has never been easier with the turnkey Greenfly platform. Collect & organize content, communicate with your teams, manage editorial rights without any change to your workflows.
See how the LA Dodgers celebrated their World Series win with UGC. 

Get to know Greenfly. Increase digital reach and drive more value for both sponsors & fans.