Content Collaboration and Distribution
with your

A smartphone shows an athlete creating a video after receiving a content request.

Content Collaboration and Distribution with your

A web browser displays Greenfly's Sharing Library. A smartphone shows an athlete creating a video after receiving a content request.

Media Sharing With Greenfly

01– Collect

  • Co-create media with creators and collaboratively capture authentic content.
  • Send a guided content brief to your ambassadors asking them to create photos and videos.
  • Aggregate content from existing DAMs and cloud storage systems with Greenfly +Connect.
  • Collect media showcasing personal experiences from fans and customers with Greenfly +Engage.
A content brief sent to 15 contributors asks recipients to capture a quick video sharing how they're celebrating the win.
A contributor responds to the content request by capturing a video right in the middle of the excitement..
A group message within the Greenfly app shows a community of contributors collaborating to create authentic content.
In the Greenfly app, six libraries show collections of pictures and videos that contributors could easily download and share with their communities.

02– Manage

  • Classify media and automatically organize galleries, as well as multiple groups of ambassadors.
  • Distribute short-form media in real time through galleries or suggested social posts.
  • Collaborate and communicate with groups of ambassadors with private messaging.
  • Intelligently route content to the right person at the right time so they can share with their personal audience on social media.


  • Harness the power of the social channels of your ambassadors, athletes, talent, and staff.
  • Build your brand by distributing content at scale across your community’s social networks.
  • Provide text for social posts and schedule delivery of content for social sharing.
  • Provide instructions and workflows to create rich social interactions for activations—Instagram Stories with swipe ups, etc.
  • Ambassadors use a simple social media sharing app to receive and publish content.
Two screens demonstrate the simplicity of share request and fulfillment in Greenfly. In this instance, a contributor is sending a tweet to their followers revealing the team's 2020 jersey.
A  smartphone displays a Greenfly dashboard helping you measure usage, downloads, social actions, and shares.


  • Greenfly is an end-to-end content sharing platform designed to increase social engagement.
  • Track your community’s social sharing activity and discover new ways to increase organic reach and engagement.
  • Track performance at all levels of granularity — by post, by group, or by ambassador.
  • Access detailed dashboard reporting by social channel and engagement activity.

How Greenfly Can Help

Engage Your Fans

The Greenfly media sharing platform that allows you to collect or create content for teams and athletes so they can share it with your fans. Athletes love receiving high-quality media immediately after events they can share. Highlight historic moments, build your players’ personal brands, and increase fan reach and loyalty.

Greenfly for Sports Marketing
A group of excited soccor players wearing yellow and green jerseys
A set of hands hold a clapper board for film making in front of a beach

Engage Your Audience

Drive excitement for your newest TV show, episode or movie with Greenfly. Collaborate with actors, talent and production teams to reach your audience and speed exclusive short-form media to social channels and increase audience engagement.

Greenfly for Entertainment

Engage Your Customers

Use Greenfly’s social media sharing software to manage your brand ambassadors, franchisees or retail managers and attract new customers with authentic and unique content. Leverage your ambassadors and creators, continuously. Greenfly helps you quickly create & distribute branded content to personal, local social channels to increase customer awareness and engagement.

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