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The Five Keys to Next-Level Brand Impact

Your brand message is now controlled by your customers and advocates – around the world. These are your best (or worst) referral marketers, whether you have an official Brand Ambassador Program or not. If you aren’t swaying the opinion of prospective customers with your own ambassadors, now is the time.

Ambassador programs are a rapidly growing advocacy marketing strategy for top lifestyle brands, especially as the accelerated jump to a digital-first society has permanently changed consumer behavior. As organic reach declines, brand ambassadors provide reach far beyond owned “official” brand channels. And when managed efficiently, ambassador programs build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty and increase revenue.

So, why aren’t more organizations expanding their brand ambassador programs to influence even larger audiences? Many marketers simply get stuck before they can bring them fully to life. 

To help with this, Greenfly has published a new guide, Unlock the Power of Your Brand Ambassador Program: Five Keys To Next-Level Business Impact. It discusses why optimizing your digital brand ambassador program is critical today and how you can clear the most difficult hurdles in the race to make that happen. 

This resource for senior-level brand marketers reviews key global shifts that have laid the groundwork for authentic content and stories driven by passionate evangelists on social and digital media to become so impactful for the organizations aligned with them. 71% of marketers now cite ‘ongoing ambassadorships’ as the most effective form of influencer marketing, so the time is right to think about how to make the most of brand ambassador programs. 

The guide analyzes some of the common pitfalls brand teams encounter when trying to execute and build out their programs, such as managing the chaos of ambassador communications.

And it covers the cutting-edge ways leading marketers are overcoming them.

  • Why ambassadors programs work better than using paid influencers
  • The trends of ambassador engagement with customers on social media
  • Tactics and software tools that leading brands use to increase scale and size of your program

Whether you’re starting small or are on your way to scaling a global brand ambassador program, discover how you can quickly reduce your marketing costs and improve efficiencies. A healthy, growing and measurably successful program will keep you ahead of your competition and take up more space in the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere.

Greenfly has been working with consumer brands for eight years, helping them grow their advocacy and ambassador programs, Greenfly’s software platform powers the communication and media exchange of some of the most iconic consumer brands.

It’s Time to Prioritize Your Brand Ambassador Program

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