Hello From Greenfly! Telling Authentic Brand Stories at Scale

Our blog post introduces Greenfly and shows how this community collaboration platform helps companies tell authentic brand stories at scale. Learn more.

A photograph of the Greenfly HQ Team smiling and wearing branded hooded sweatshirts standing in front of the ocean in Santa Monica, CA

Welcome to the Greenfly blog, your new source for social media industry insights, Greenfly news, and examples of companies who are finding success through the power of stories. And not just any stories. Authentic brand stories.

To start, here’s our story:

To “greenfly” someone is known in professional baseball circles as requesting a favor from that person. Greenfly, Inc. was co-founded by former Major League Baseball All-Star Shawn Green, who needed to streamline the ongoing requests he received for authentic content based on his storied career. He envisioned a mobile technology that would enable brands to access, connect and build authentic, engaging content with their key advocate communities—quickly, efficiently and at scale. Co-founder and CEO Daniel Kirschner brought his expertise as a senior digital media industry executive and internet policy official, and Greenfly officially took flight.

The time is right to prioritize content authenticity. Despite all of the communication vehicles brand marketers have access to today, it has never been harder to reach and connect with target audiences at the right time, with the right content and in the right place. More and more, people of all ages are on mobile devices and social channels, and according to one report, they spend, on average, over two hours daily with social media. They trust stories and content from their social networks and influencers and want to connect with brands through authentic stories and content. In fact, a recent survey found that 20% of consumers, on average, have unfollowed a brand on social media when they thought their content wasn’t authentic.

At Greenfly, we believe in the power of telling authentic brand stories at scale.

Our community collaboration platform mobilizes the most valuable, authentic and influential voices around you to help tell your brand stories and amplify them. Those voices can be fans, employees, partners, athletes, talent, influencers and more. The real people and communities that are most invested in your brand and motivated to create and share your content. Greenfly empowers you to communicate with them directly and activate those relationships all in one place—eliminating the chaos and complexity of email chains, FTP, texts and spreadsheets.

A graphic diagram of how Greenfly workflow functions.

Since our founding in 2014, Greenfly has helped many of the world’s leading brands—media companies, sports leagues, retailers, consumer product companies and other organizations—build their audience connections and engagement, strengthen their most important relationships, and grow their businesses through authentic content.

For example, here’s one customer story:

Spirited fans fly the French flag during the European Championships.

Copa90, the world’s largest independent football media business, wanted to capture the European Championships experience from the fan perspective and maximize fan engagement. The company needed to get videos from fan contributors in 24 markets so it could create daily YouTube features for the month-long tournament. With Greenfly, Copa90 coordinated and captured authentic fan content easily to keep the excitement alive between matches. This content generated 7 million cross-platform views and 346,000 engagements and reached 21 million fans. 94% of viewers said they would watch similar content again.

The Greenfly Seattle team taking in the city sights, standing together for a group photo in front of the Seattle Great Wheel.

The team at Greenfly is a spirited, collaborative and seasoned group of innovators and dreamers that see potential in everything we do. We aim to deliver the best customer and user experiences and stories possible, from our headquarters in Santa Monica, California, to locations around the globe.

Greenfly team members from around the world

Follow us on our journey to share more stories and knowledge of how brands can navigate today’s fragmented social media world with authentic content and build stronger connections with your consumers.

Let us help you create authentic brand stories at scale. Contact us at Greenfly.

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