How Sports Organizations Can Adapt to Games Without Fans

The return of sports without fans requires introspection into what fans love about live games and what value teams and partners seek each and every game.

It took a months-long hiatus from sports to make everyone appreciate how much they need sports in their lives.

As sports organizations sought to keep fans engaged during the shutdown, the break allowed the industry to step back and remember the things that make fans love sports in the first place. Greenfly created a guide with 120 different ways to keep fans engaged while there are no sports events. The ability to interact with others that share their passions, recall emotional highs and moments, create content around their favorite teams and players, and to feel connected to the players on and off the field/court. These principles manifested on social media during the pause.

Now, sports leagues are making their way back to playing games — mostly without fans or with limited attendance. Their return requires introspection into what fans love about live games and events and what value teams and partners try to get and give each game. Thoughts such as:

  • What feelings or experiences about attending live games can be translated to the thousands of fans watching at home — who would otherwise be there in person?
  • What new experiences can occur when nearly all the focus and resources the team or league has at its disposal are put into the remote experience?
  • How can fans feel connected, present, and engaged with the game, the players, and each other?

These are the questions leaders in sports must ponder right now.

We look forward to seeing the creativity and innovation that will come out as more and more sports return without venues full of fans. To start things off, we compiled 30+ ideas to keep fans engaged while they remain at home, 30 Ways to Bring the Live Game Experience to Fans at Home. We hope this free guide provides your organization with inspiration to keep your fan connections strong during these abnormal times.

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