Maximize Organic Reach on Social Media With Advocacy for Political Campaigns

Maximize your political campaign’s organic reach with digital advocacy. Activate your supporters' endorsements on social media and increase voter engagement.

Social media will determine which political campaigns win or lose in 2020. While the 2016 election cycle saw campaigns spend big budgets on social ads, social media strategy in 2020 means thinking beyond ads: Welcome to the new version of advocacy for political campaigns.

In our new guide, “20 Ways to Increase Voter Engagement on Social Media”, we reviewed the social media strategies for a number of political campaigns. We also drew from our customer’s strategies to highlight new opportunities and insights for you. The thread that links many of these strategies is campaign advocacy.

Social media networks have limited the organic reach of your official accounts, and shares simply aren’t as powerful as original posts for getting your message out. Similarly, paid impressions are not worth as much as impressions from organic posts made by real-life campaign supporters — your advocates.

The good thing is that political campaigns have hundreds or thousands of advocates: staffers, organizers, volunteers, donors, and surrogates of all types. While all of these people can retweet or share your social posts, they are more powerful when supporting your campaign with their original posts targeted specifically to their personal networks. Instead of retweeting, they’re adding their own spin, story, commentary, and, most importantly, their personal endorsement.

Collect the videos and photos taken by advocates at rallies and events. Capture live events, interviews, personal moments, and behind-the-scenes videos and photos. Then share these this media with your advocates around the country so they can share them on their own channels. This is the new form of social media advocacy for political campaigns.

Organizing your advocates and sharing content with them increases the campaign’s social media reach. Your message will get to more people who aren’t already following your official channels — without social ads.

To harness the power of your advocates, they need specific instructions, the right messages, and, more importantly, the right media to share. That’s where Greenfly comes in.

This insight is just one of the strategic ideas in this guide. Some marry the key principles of effective social media campaigns with actionable tactics, while others are simple game plans that political campaigns can implement immediately. The rules and regulations around political campaigns on each social media network are different and are ever-evolving. But when you stay away from ads, these tried-and-true organic strategies become even more valuable and make your cause or candidate stand out.

Download this free guide for all of these insights, and learn what innovation and advocacy in social media campaigns can look like for you.


20 Ways to Increase Voter Engagement on Social Media — Without Paid Advertising

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