Success Story: I Love Kickboxing Uses Franchisee-Created Media To Tackle Rebrand and COVID-19 Messaging

The I Love Kickboxing marketing team is harnessing their strongest brand advocates—individual franchisees—to differentiate their brand during a dynamic year. See how.

Three female franchise brand advocates with boxing gloves and masks.

If you lead marketing for a franchise business, you know how challenging the high-wire act of balancing brand and local content needs can be for your team — especially this past year. 

I Love Kickboxing (ILKB), the fast-growing North American fitness franchise, has figured out how social media can drive both corporate and franchisee messaging and keep them in lockstep with each other.

The ILKB marketing and social team met the daunting tasks of completing a full rebrand this year while also responding to the COVID-19 impact on its local studios. They propelled their new brand vision and differentiated themselves from other market offerings with the help of their best franchise brand advocates: their studio franchise managers and owners. 

The ILKB story provides insights for franchise marketers who recognize that social media is the main forum to engage consumers today, and that nothing beats authentic content aligned with a strong brand. 

“Greenfly has been instrumental in helping us to re-fresh our brand and produce much-needed content within our franchisees group.  The intuitive functions and quality design of the app makes publishing quality social content easy for all the ILKB Studio owners and managers.” — Crispin Luna, Chief Business Development Officer, I Love Kickboxing

Photo: I Love Kickboxing/Ciera Biselli

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