Success Story: How CANAL+ Drove Its Most Successful Series Launch on Social

See how the CANAL+ team achieved their most successful series launch and drove engagement by harnessing talent advocates and Greenfly.

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With the growing number of global entertainment alternatives, television marketers today face daily challenges in maximizing brand awareness and choice — key factors in growing viewership, and increasing audience engagement and network revenue. 

The CANAL+ Group, the leading French audiovisual media group and a top player in pay-TV and themed TV channels for French and international audiences has figured out how social media can help them achieve these goals. 

The CANAL+ social team propelled their content strategy for multiple channel brands with compelling results. To stand out from other market offerings, the team leveraged their large, diverse roster of celebrity talent, on-air sports commentators, show casts, producers — and even channel executives — in social promotion. The Greenfly brand advocacy platform helped leverage the influence and reach of these brand advocates by providing an efficient way to exchange content with them. 

Canal+ is using Greenfly to launch new shows and keep viewers coming back for more

The CANAL+ story provides insights for entertainment, OTT, and broadcast marketers and social media teams looking to build stronger audience connections and multi-market reach. 

Amidst the global pandemic, with distributed teams and advocates, Greenfly helped the social team drive awareness for the March 2020 series launch of Validé, which garnered 15 million views on the CANAL+ MyCanal worldwide streaming platform. 

This was the most successful premiere in CANAL+ history. 

Now, 100 CANAL+ advocates are using Greenfly regularly to launch new shows and continuously keep viewers coming back for more.

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