5 AI Solutions That Can Increase Sports Sponsor Revenue

AI is now critical for attracting brand partners. Understand 5 major AI trends that are enabling leagues and clubs to drive more partner revenue — right now. Includes examples and proven action plans.

AI in Sports Sponsorship: 5 Trends Driving Partner Revenue text over foreground image of two soccer players running.

There is a lot of hype around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), but not much on today’s practical uses. However, when AI is applied to sports sponsorship, it can transform how commercial teams deliver the value promised to sponsors. And it can help you exceed both short- and long-term revenue goals.

While “generative AI” is the stuff you’re reading a lot about (like ChatGPT), that type of AI for artificial creation of text, voices and images is still in very early stages.

But leading sports leagues and clubs are using different types of AI solutions available right now to give them a competitive advantage in their sponsorship marketing efforts. AI technology used in this way can satisfy the demands of partners looking to connect more deeply with fans, and bring them together in authentic and meaningful ways. And it can scale activations and sponsored campaigns to new levels.

To help your sponsor teams rev up their partner relationships, we’ve just published a new industry executive brief, AI in Sports Sponsorship: 5 Trends Driving Partner Revenue. This resource is for heads of commercial and sponsorship departments.

AI in Sports Sponsorship: 5 Trends Driving Partner Revenue text over two soccer players running image.

Get the AI in Sports Sponsorship Executive Brief

Learn 5 ways AI is driving partner revenue for leagues and clubs everywhere.

We’ve identified five key solutions leveraging AI you should be thinking about. And we’ve examined how your staff can use these proven AI-driven technologies to retain, enhance and grow corporate sponsor deals.

The brief also includes real examples and proven action plans from leading leagues and clubs, including how to:

  • Deliver more product placement for sponsors 
  • Create more recurring ‘owned’ content packages
  • Calculate the equivalent ad value of sponsor exposure
  • Unlock more original content that engages more fans

Download this complimentary brief and learn the strategies and trends that will help you and your corporate partners win — on and off the field — with AI.

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