Brand Advocacy: Why It Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

Create deeper audience connections from the real people who love your brand - your brand advocates. Download this free guide from Greenfly.

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Many of us have hit ‘pause’ on our regular activities this year and have quickly come to rely on digital connectivity for social interaction, news and personal engagement. With so much change and such a shift to digital information, organizations everywhere have been handed a rare opportunity to recalibrate their marketing strategies for this new challenging world.

To help marketers of all types, Greenfly has published a new guide, Creating Deep Connections With Any Audience: Harness the Power of Brand Advocates. It explores how organizations can fast forward brand-building programs and create deep consumer connections through brand advocates. Brand advocates are all around you – they’re the real people who already love your product or service, and they just need your OK to tell their friends and followers. 

This resource for CMOs and other senior-level brand and digital marketers reviews why authentic content and stories driven by true brand advocates are so critical to all brands right now. Here’s one reason: Brand advocates are 50% more likely to influence purchase decisions. And there are many more.

The guide reviews a dozen stories of organizations across industries that are seeing success with their own brand advocates.  Learn more about:

  • Why authenticity always wins.
  • How to find your best brand advocates.
  • The four keys to activation success.

This is a time for marketers to get back to basics and reconsider why people respond to brand messages at all. How do great brands build a reputation for being great in the first place? They’ve been able to leverage the endorsement of their advocates to tell their story for them. Your advocates are out there, even in our new digital-first society. And people still listen to those with knowledge, trust and experience, regardless of channel. More than ever, they want a genuine human connection.

Discover how you can build audience affinity and deep social connections with your most valuable brand evangelists. They’ll lead the way as you emerge from this unprecedented period of change. And together, you can drive your business forward as it continues to offer even more new stories to tell.

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It’s Time To Rethink How You Engage With Consumers

Get insights to fast forward your brand-building programs with authentic content from the real people who love and evangelize your brand.

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