The Road Back: Intercepting Emerging Trends in Sports

Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner breaks down the results of a sports industry survey, providing analysis of trends coming out of the pandemic.

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Sports have gradually started to come back, but it may be quite a while until sports return to “normal.” And, some things in the sports business may never be the same again.

We recently partnered with SportTechie to survey sports industry professionals to get their view on the direction sports are heading and how their organizations are planning to adapt. We hypothesized that the sports hiatus was accelerating existing trends, advancing us ahead two or three years in the span of three months.

Watch Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirshner discuss the results of the survey:

The survey revealed themes that supported the hypothesis around the acceleration of trends in sports. These themes include the hastening of digital transformation, increased use of digital marketing and social media to drive sponsor value and fan engagement, and the opportunity to capitalize on the increase in athletes’ social influence to increase brand loyalty.

These trends aren’t new, but the break gave organizations the time needed to both reassess goals and implement rapid changes. And, as sports come back, it has given leagues and teams a new urgency to accelerate digital initiatives for starting back strong.

A phrase that has been repeated throughout this pandemic is that “We’re all in this together.” It is a great rallying cry for the public, but it can also apply to a hopeful new paradigm in sports. One in which the players, teams, and leagues realize the value each can provide—most immediately with the teams providing content and help with social media, and the players posting more overall.

Anthony Baca, the Deputy Director of Digital for Paris Saint-Germain, captured what we think is the foundation of our new normal in sports post-COVID:

“Players are now our marketing partners. They’re helping us extend the excitement of PSG to our fans and partners in all corners of the world.”

If you’re trying to bring your sports organization together to start your season aligned, you’re in the right place. Give us a call.

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