The COVID Age of TV: 5 Trends That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

The future of TV advertising during COVID: Learn the 5 trends that will change your marketing and social media strategy in 2020.

The Covid Age of TV: 5 Trends that will change your marketing strategy

If you’re in television marketing or advertising, you know that 2020 is a year of change. 

The Golden Age of TV has given way to the “COVID Age of TV” — pushing the industry to respond to a worldwide crisis and production upheaval like it has never faced. This is happening alongside the continued sea change in consumer viewing habits and a growing preference for digital and social media connectivity. 

You may be surprised to know that this era offers a real opportunity to build lasting audience engagement — and you already have the one element that will enable you to do that today. It’s an opportune time to embrace the future of TV advertising accelerated by COVID.

To help TV marketing executives navigate this dynamic time, we’ve just published a new industry brief, The COVID Age of TV: 5 Trends That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy.

This resource for CMOs and heads of digital and social marketing outlines the most important shifts you need to be thinking about to set your future strategies. It also includes proven action plans from leading TV networks that you can replicate and improve upon, so you can use this time as an opportunity to get ahead. 

The brief answers questions like:

• How can I get the most out of my reduced marketing budgets?
• How can I leverage the uptick in mobile content usage?
• What can I do to improve content distribution and audience engagement when my shows are on an indefinite hiatus?
• And where exactly are my viewers today?

Get current examples from your network peers on how they are addressing the key trends that are changing television brands forever: with the help of their talent advocates on social media.

Download the complimentary brief and learn how you can come out of this disruptive period even more connected to your most valuable audiences, talent and creative teams. Together, you’ll be better prepared for whatever the next age of television turns out to be. 

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The COVID Age of TV: 5 Trends That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

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