VIDEO: How Five Below Builds Customer and Employee Social Connections 

Learn how the Five Below social team transformed the company’s social content strategy and customer connections with the help of its employees and Greenfly.

Two Five Below employees walk in store, looking at social on mobile phone.

Engaging with retail customers is tough today. 

Five Below, the fastest-growing retailer in the U.S. for kids, has figured out how to do it on social. 

The company’s digital team transformed Five Below’s social content strategy and customer connections with the help of its employees at over 900 stores, and Greenfly technology. 

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Celebrating the Brand Purpose on Social

Five Below was looking to connect digitally with customers by scaling timely, relevant content, aligned with the company’s “Let Go and Have Fun” brand purpose. The Five Below digital team wanted to bring the store experience to life and saw a massive opportunity at the front line with the company’s built-in brand ambassadors: its digital-native store employees. 

Learn how Five Below is using Greenfly to become a social media powerhouse

The retailer turned to Greenfly’s content collaboration and distribution platform to activate store managers across locations. First, the Five Below corporate social team requests content from them via the Greenfly mobile app. In a few simple clicks in the app, the managers record and submit back authentic videos and photos that celebrate the brand purpose. In minutes, they have captured the spirit of in-store moments, including during “Win the Weekend” themed events. Content is then shared across social channels powered by corporate, the stores, employees and customers.

With Greenfly, the retailer has amplified real-time, resonant content, which has created the ultimate brand and product experience for consumers. A bonus? Greenfly has lessened the silo between Five Below’s corporate office and its stores.

As Janna Wemmer, Five Below’s Head of Social Media and Influencer Relations, said, “Greenfly has impacted our relationship with customers by engaging them in a way that matters…And in terms of Greenfly impacting our associates, it has strengthened the relationship 150%.”

With Greenfly, Five Below has been able to build a base of engaged customers—and employees—for the future. 

Five Below’s experience offers a lesson for retailers looking to build stronger consumer connections through content and community. And the time is right: MBLM’s 2019 Brand Intimacy Study found that emotional connections with consumers are critical for brand success. In addition, other top retailers are turning to employees to serve as brand ambassadors.

Similarly, it provides a social roadmap for brands across industries.

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