VIDEO: The Premier Lacrosse League Launches a Social-First Sports League

The Premier Lacrosse League builds a social-first sports league by activating its athletes with Greenfly and Libris by Photoshelter. Our video shows how.

Two Defenders split the field during a Premier Lacrosse League match. Just in the frame is a photographer snapping a photo.

Building a sports league today takes grit and a competitive spirit. If you’re the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), you know it also takes social media, technology and a mobilized athlete community equipped with photo and video content.

With Greenfly and Libris by Photoshelter, the PLL sees its social-first vision come to life.

See How We’re Doing It

A Social-First Sports Focus

Through the Greenfly Connect tool, the league fully automates last-mile social workflows for the visual content its photographers and staff capture and upload to Libris throughout the season. The PLL instantly connects that content with its community of over 160 athletes via the Greenfly mobile app, making it easy for them to share game photos and videos to fans as soon as they step off the field. In minutes, they’ve expanded their brands and the PLL brand as well. The league saw a 15% growth in social following for PLL athletes in the first two weeks of use.

With Greenfly and Libris, the PLL has been able to rewrite the marketing playbook on reach and fan engagement in its inaugural season, unlock the potential of its photo and video content, and see astounding early growth as it builds a base of passionate and engaged lacrosse fans everywhere.

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