Greenfly Mobile App FAQ

Can I use my current Greenfly login to join a different organization?

The Greenfly app enables you to be a member of one or more organizations. If you are looking to join a different organization without creating another user account, simply tap the menu at the top left of the app to open a list of organizations. At the bottom of that window, tap to enter the invite code provided by the new organization. You will be added as a member of that organization’s Greenfly account, and able to receive shared content.

How do I reset my password?

Log out of the Greenfly app.

Once you are on the registration screen, tap Log In at the bottom of the screen.

On the login page, tap on Forgot Password and enter in the email associated with your Greenfly account. You will receive an email to reset your password.

If you forgot your login email, please contact Greenfly technical support for further assistance.

Why is my app not loading?

If you are having issues opening the Greenfly app or viewing media or requests, here are some steps to try and reconnect:

  • Check to ensure your wifi or data connection are on. For iOS users, if you are connected to cellular data but still can’t log in to Greenfly, verify your cellular data is turned on for Greenfly. Do this by navigating to the phone Settings, scrolling down and tapping on the Greenfly app, and ensuring the cellular data toggle is on (green).
  • Update the app by downloading the latest version of Greenfly from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Force quit the app and restart Greenfly.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Delete Greenfly and reinstall the app. This will also ensure you are also running the latest version of Greenfly.

Still stuck? Please contact Greenfly technical support for further assistance.

Why are my galleries empty?

If you are having trouble viewing or downloading a media asset from a gallery, contact your organization through Messages (on the bottom of the screen) to make sure they have not removed sharing access to that gallery.

If you don’t know who to message, use the company support thread (tap the + on the top right of the Messages screen, choose a recipient from the list).  Your support thread usually be the first listing, and will have the title “Your Name & Company Name”.  For example “Michael Realman & Sports TV Networks Inc”.

How do I share media on my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)?

You may receive content from your organization in the Greenfly app that you can share on your personal social media profiles. Here are the social media platforms listed below and the media types they accept.

  • Snapchat – Videos, Images
  • TikTok – Videos
  • Linked In – Links
  • YouTube – Videos
  • WhatsApp – Videos, Images, Links
  • Pinterest – Videos/ Images
  • WeChat – Videos, Images, Links

If you are sharing on  Twitter or Facebook Pages you must authorize Greenfly on these profiles for easy sharing. For first-time Twitter authentication, pull down the screen to refresh in order for the authorization button to appear.

When posting to Facebook Timelines or Groups, or Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, ensure that these apps are installed on your device. Greenfly does not post to these social networks from a mobile web browser.

If you receive permissions error when trying to share media on any platform, please check your posting permissions in the selected application. Each social media app has it’s own settings.

For example, if you attempt to post to Facebook and you receive an error notifying you that you have insufficient permissions, you need to check those permissions in the Facebook app, not Greenfly.

Why isn’t my video or photo uploading?

Whether you are uploading in response to a request, in a gallery, or through the + button, you should keep the Greenfly app open during the upload process to ensure your media is submitted successfully.

If you lose wifi or cellular data service mid-upload, re-open your app and try again when your service resumes.

You can tap on the Activity feed on the bottom navigation bar (far right) to see if your content has uploaded successfully. Your organization will automatically be notified when your media upload is successful. 

You can also send a message in Greenfly to confirm. Tap on Messaging 💭 in the bottom navigation bar (second from right) to send.

How do I delete a video or image I submitted?

You cannot delete a photo/ video that has already been submitted to your organization.  However, you can request to delete an asset and your organization will receive a notification with your request. On any asset, tap on ‘more options’ [the three dots …] and then select the option Request To Delete.