Greenfly Web FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) on how to use +Gateway

How do I download photos and videos

When viewing an asset, click on the download icon Small icon that represents a download button to download and save to your computer. You can also download in bulk by selecting multiple assets and at the top, click Small icon that represents a download button to save the assets to your computer. Multiple assets will be downloaded as a zip file.

In order to upload media assets into a gallery, the gallery will need to have uploading enabled. Once enabled, click on the Upload button on the top right of the page. 

Upload up to 100 media assets in one batch.

Why aren’t my photos or videos uploading?

Greenfly accepts certain media files and sizes with each upload. Acceptable file types include:

  • Videos – .mov, .mp4, .avi
  • Images – .jpg, .png, .gif
  • Max File Size – 500 MB

If your uploads error out, contact your organization or Greenfly technical support for further assistance.

Search and filter for specific photos and videos

Use the search and filter features in a gallery to find the exact image or video that you’re looking for. Media assets may be tagged with keywords to help you narrow down a specific asset. Type in a keyword or name in the search bar and only those assets will appear. 

Use the filters to sort content by different date ranges or to further narrow down the asset type.

Favorite content

Favorite all of your best images and videos for reference or future downloading. Click on the ♡ at the bottom of the asset. The ❤️ indicates a favorited asset. 

View any favorited asset in your My Favorites folder, which is always accessible at the top of the Greenfly Library.

Hide an older or under-utilized gallery without losing any access to your content.
To hide one or multiple galleries, select the gallery and at the top, click An icon that looks like an eye with a line striking through it, indicating something is hidden to hide where they will be moved to the Hidden Galleries folder.

Why are my galleries blank?

If you are having trouble viewing or downloading a media asset from a gallery, contact your organization to make sure they have not removed sharing access to that gallery.

Do certain actions taken on Greenfly for desktop affect my Greenfly app view?

Yes, this applies to hiding galleries and favorite-ing assets. If you hide a gallery or favorite an asset on desktop, it will be reflected in your app, and vice-versa.