Driving Fandom: U.S. Soccer Post-World Cup, ChatGPT and DTC Growth

Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner joins the Sports Loft podcast to discuss advances in U.S. soccer fan engagement, AI personalization & DTC apps.

advances sports fan engagement Sports Loft podcast

Advances in sports, technology, and fan engagement are coming together in a way that has never been seen before in 2022.

Greenfly Co-founder and CEO Daniel Kirschner joined Nick Goggans, Co-founder and CEO of Pumpjack Dataworks, Pete Burns, VP of Commercial Strategy at Deltatre, and host Yanni Andreopoulos on the Sports Loft podcast to chat about these topics.

Coming off the heels of the riveting World Cup in Qatar and the North American version hitting the shores in 2026, the panel discussed what’s next for soccer fandom and growth in the U.S. They also explored the game-changing impact of AI personalization through the recent launch of ChatGPT and the proliferation of DTC sports apps and products deepening the sports value proposition for fans everywhere.

Listen to this fascinating discussion and hear why artificial intelligence will be one of the most impactful advances in sports fan engagement we’ve ever witnessed.