BET Taps Talent, Greenfly’s Media Sharing Platform to Back Its BET+ SVOD Service

BET Networks uses Greenfly to promote BET and BET+ through show talent, celebrities and other advocates. Talent and fan-generated content helped offset pandemic production impacts and significantly boosted social media engagement.

Adweek in front of BET talent brand advocate photo.

Adweek wrote about BET Networks’ work with ​Greenfly to promote the BET+ streaming service through its best brand advocates: network talent and fans.

The network collects authentic content from talent to share on their social channels, as well as fan videos. These activities increased during pandemic-forced production shutdowns, which helped offset the challenges of show season delays and not having camera crews present alongside the talent. They have also bolstered the relationship between talent and fans to drive engagement, viewership and social sharing. 

T.J. Barber, Director of Social Media Marketing at BET Networks, discussed how the cast of its series Twenties uses Greenfly’s platform. He noted in the article, “This allows us the ability to make sure all members of the cast have every promo spot, character card and episodic trailer at the same time, which helps us create a bit of a thunderclap moment when released on social media simultaneously.”

Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said of similar initiatives, “It strengthens the relationships between the network, public relations people and talent. …It creates a really nice dynamic where everybody feels like they’re benefiting.”

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