The Democratic Party Connects With TikTok Creators and Influencers – At Scale

The Democratic Party is now connecting directly to TikTok creators & influencers on social media, creating over 80 million impressions so far.

The democratic party connects on TikTok

In the run-up to election season, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) built an online organizing hub to drive the party’s messaging beyond its own social channels with a focus on TikTok creators and influencers. This hub creates a central online destination for social media influencers, surrogates, and supporters to receive party-sponsored talking points, messaging, and a wide variety of digital content, photos and videos to post on their own social media feeds.

Since implementing the online organizing program in February, the DNC has generated over 83 million impressions, including a 16.7 million bump in the second quarter of this year alone. Officials have also recruited and trained nearly 1,000 supporters on how to use the hub so far this year.

While Democratic party officials continue to connect with TikTok creators and influencers in private message groups, the DNC’s partnership with Greenfly has dramatically increased the scale at which the party has been able to instantly push content to influencers and volunteer messengers.

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