Democrats Deploy Barack Obama for Video Voting Guides

The Democratic National Committee uses Greenfly to distribute former U.S. President Barack Obama video voting guides to advocates so they can amplify their reach to voters.

CNN Politics logo on background of candidate addressing crowd.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has released video voting guides featuring former U.S. President and “voting enthusiast” Barack Obama to help voters in 24 key states cast their 2020 election ballots. 

The DNC is using Greenfly to distribute these videos to their most influential surrogates and advocates so they can amplify their reach to voters across digital and social platforms. 

Committee aides have said they saw significant success with Greenfly around the Democratic National Convention earlier this year. The Democratic committee, including statewide campaigns, state parties and other allied progressive groups, are using the videos to boost voter education and turnout as the 2020 election season completes its final sprint to November 3rd. 

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