Greenfly Acquires AI Startup To Improve Short-Form Sports Curation

Greenfly has acquired Miro AI, the sports industry’s most advanced AI-powered technology for rich analysis of sports content.

Greenfly acquires Miro AI header with logos and soccer player

Greenfly has acquired Miro AI in a multimillion-dollar transaction that demonstrates how machine learning technology could shape sports content organization and distribution.

With a specific focus on sports content, Miro uses tech to identify and contextually analyze athletes and logos inside photos and videos. The company has trained its models to describe actions in a given athletic scene, like goals or goal celebrations. And it has trained them to be more successful at recognizing athletes’ faces — even when they’re wearing headgear.

In an interview with Sportico, Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said, “We came across Miro and started working with them and were just absolutely blown away by what they were able to do and how far ahead of the rest of the industry it was. We realized, at some point, just how critical it was to be able to organize content in this way, how incredible they were at it, and really how much value we were able to add to what they do, and they were able to add to what we did.” 

Kirschner also noted, “Our whole business is really oriented toward the growth and consumption of short-form content. Moving from linear environments to short-form pieces also means curating clips for specific audiences on specific platforms at specific times. And doing that curation relies on reliable metadata, something Greenfly will lean on Miro’s algorithms for. It’s easy to generate enormous volumes of content. But if you can’t find short, user-relevant content, you’re really destroying a lot of value.”

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