How Greenfly Turns Athletes Into Advocates

Sports Loft captures the growth story of the Greenfly brand advocacy platform in sports and beyond, and how marketers use the tech to keep fans engaged.

Greenfly President & CEO Daniel Kirschner and Sports Loft logo

Sports Loft recently profiled Greenfly’s Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Kirschner and captured the big moments in Greenfly’s growth as well as stories around brand advocacy programs in sports. Co-Founder Shawn Green’s career as a former Major League Baseball All-Star shaped the Greenfly platform’s work with sports organizations globally and provided a distinct perspective on how sports stars really needed a technology like Greenfly.

As Daniel put it, “We have over 800 Major League Baseball players on our platform, so when Shawn was at spring training, they kept coming up to him and saying, ‘I didn’t know you were involved in Greenfly. I love Greenfly; I use it every day!’ I think one of the things that’s really been crucial to our success is that we’ve built a mobile app that’s really easy to use and has a consumer experience, even though it’s part of an enterprise platform.”

That seamless experience and athlete excitement to use the platform has led to fan advocate campaigns with Greenfly +Engage around major sporting events. And it has spurred word-of-mouth referrals among top marketers across industries. The Biden for President campaign team — and even now-U.S. President Joe Biden — encouraged supporters to use Greenfly for sharing content to social and digital platforms.

Great content and brand advocacy know no bounds — a lesson for all marketers looking to keep fans and consumers connected to their brands.

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