The Commercial Value of Athletes Beyond Shirt Sales

Greenfly Co-founder and CEO Daniel Kirschner joins the Unofficial Partner Podcast to talk about the commercial value of athletes. 

Greenfly on Unofficial Partner Podcast About Athlete Commercial Value

What is the commercial value of the individual player to the club? 

Greenfly Co-founder and CEO Daniel Kirschner joined Professor Simon Chadwick of Emlyon Business School, and Tim Crow, the sports sponsorship expert and former CEO of Synergy Sponsorship, on the Unofficial Partner: The Sports Business Podcast to tackle this question. 

Check out the full podcast to hear about these interesting insights (and more):

  • 13:58 – The value of Ronaldo’s social feed and how that triggered a $17M bonus from Adidas
  • 15:20 – How PSG’s following jumped by 7M+ followers in a single day — more followers than any NFL team has in total
  • 36:33 – Is it easier for an athlete to build a following on Instagram versus other channels? Is there more marketing value on Instagram?

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